Together we are facing an unprecedented situation. We know you are excited to move forward, as we are here at SXW. Here is a checklist, helpful resources and SXW video material for you to consider on your new adventure of holding virtual tryouts. Please read through the checklist before watching the video.

10 Steps to Virtual Tryouts:

  1. Talk with your administration:  some insurance companies are having to “amend” the current policies to cover virtual or non personal tryouts.  Discuss this with your administration or gym owner about this risk management before moving forward with a tryout.
  2. Share your guidelines, policies, rules and scoring system with your administration/gym owner and ask for written approval. Send policies to your parents/guardians with a cover letter. Collect all signed documents from parents/guardians and candidates before the official tryout day. 
  3. Announce your tryout date on the school or gym website, and social media.
  4. Set up your virtual tryout process with your candidates using Zoom, Youtube, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, or video.
  5. Determine timelines and deadlines for your candidates to submit their tryout material and to post results.
  6. Develop a simple scoring system and share with the candidates and judges.
  7. Involve the graduating seniors or program leaders to teach the tryout material. 
  8. Develop three questions to be answered by the candidates that will impact your program. Include points on the score sheet for their answers.
  9. After your team is selected, share with your parents/guardians and team members what to expect next. 
  10. Follow us on Instagram (@spiritxpresswest) for Workout Wednesday videos to help keep your candidates in top shape. You can also find all past workout videos under the “At Home Workout” tab at the top of this page.

Good luck and stay safe!

Virtual Tryout Material: