Jacob (Jae) Jaramillo is a championship cheerleader both as an athlete and coach who recognizes that through the discipline, athleticism and team work required of championship level cheerleading, student-athletes can overcome obstacles in their lives and thrive in the challenges life throw at them. Jae is committed to improving opportunities for the students he works with and looks to challenge them daily to never settle for “second best”.
Jae began his time with SXW as an athlete and has grown to become a senior member of the company; currently serving as the SXW Camp Director and Creative Specialist. In this position, Jae is responsible for supervising the design of all summer camp material including stunts, cheers, dances and coaches clinics and ensuring that the material is delivered effectively to all staff at the SXW annual training. Jae is also responsible for managing all instructional and creative activities of the various SXW Resort, Retreat and Commuter camps all the while growing the skills of the SXW staff and ensuring camp participants are receiving the highest quality instruction at all time. Jae is our resident expert of all things SXW!!

Jae brings an abundance of experience to his role at SXW; having cheered competitively for almost 10 years and danced competitively for another three, winning five separate Level 4 and Level 6 All-star national championships. After leaving competitive cheering, Jae moved to coaching where he served as a high school head coach for four years and as a Level 3 All-star assistant for three and further specialized as a Level 5 All-star tumbling coach.

Jacob earned his Bachelor’s degree from the University of New Mexico and is currently working on his Master in Psychology and Adolescent Development. Jae is a licensed and certified (NMPED) coach in the state of New Mexico and is ACCAA Safety, First Aid, and CPR certified. Jacob believes that an athlete’s potential comes from the inside, and is focused on developing athletes from within by using positive feedback and constructive criticism.