Our national winning master choreographers will design a highly visual and entertaining routine that will MAXIMIZE your score on any score sheet. We specialize in innovative, highly visual routine elements. We approach choreography with arithmetic by associating elements with point values, developing competitive routines that require attention to detail based on score sheet analysis. Trust your routine to choreographers who know how to win. We come to your gym with over two decades of trend setting experience. Our cutting-edge choreography is worthy of any Championship. We are what you need to accomplish your goal.

How to Book a SXW Choreography Camp:

1. Select a date of choice and call or email SXW.
2. Download the Guidelines form for payment information and other details.
3. Download camp contract. Sign and bring to camp.
4. Download waivers and bring to the first day of camp.
5. SXW will confirm your camp date after the payment has been received.

Routine Price Ranges

School Routine Range: $1500-$3500 (Music/travel fees may apply)
Allstar Routine Range: $2500-$3500 (Music/travel fees may apply)
Game Day Routine Range: $500-$2900 (Music/travel fees may apply)
Routine Elements may be purchased A la carte. For a choreography quote please call 505-681-4770.

Deposit and choreography fees are non refundable