Brianna Dean is a third year instructor with SXW who has been involved with cheer and dance for more than 16 years.  Bri is an instructional leader and motivator who has a laser focus on maximizing student’s abilities to ensure each student reaches the highest level possible.  Bri is part of the dance choreography team that created the first hip-hop camp dance for SXW and is the prime choreographer for hip-hop routines.
Bri’s dance experience is fully grounded in formal preparation with more than 14 years of training in Ballet, Tap and Jazz; 5 years of training in Tap and 2 years in Irish Tap.
As a student at New Mexico State University, Bri continued her study in dance and was highly involved with the university’s contemporary and hip hop programs, was offered a spot on the Dancesport ballroom team and served on the Board of Directors of Dancers Unlimited.
 Cheer is also an important part of who Bri is.  She competed on the Hobbs varsity cheer team in high school for three years and was instrumental in developing a highly successful competition team that had been absent for eight years.  Bri has a great eye for movement that translates well in the development of stunts and cheer movement.
Bri has a deep love for cheer and dance, for learning new dance styles and for expanding her true passion, hip hop.  She believes that the purity and the authenticity of the style make every move mean something and she is determined to convey this to her students each and every day.